The genesis of this website was to support a presentation, Hebrew as Cosmological Symbols, facilitated by the late Ken Roffmann and me at a Jewish Renewal gathering in Tucson, AZ in January of 2008.

Ken designed the website, and we collaborated on the original content—much of which has been changed so that the site now serves as a focal point for conversation stimulated by a book I co-authored with Dr. Ruth Miller,Language of Life: Answers to Modern Crises in an Ancient Way of Speaking. The book looks at the Ancient Hebrew as one of several languages, some still spoken today, and how these languages influence a higher consciousness and ethical behaviors in the cultures that speak them. It is precisely this higher consciousness that connects us to all life, and guides us to living each day in balance and harmony both ecologically and socially that is essential to the sustainability of Earth. The book ends with a message of hope because we can now define with clarity the paradigm shifts we must make knowing that the voices of wisdom from Peoples who have lived sustainably for millennia recognize their responsibility to guide this process.

The book is dedicated to Ken, who passed away in November of 2009, and our mutual colleague, Rabbi Aryeh Hirschfield, and, like the Language of Life book, this site is intended as a tribute to these two incredible mentors and friends.

Milt Markewitz

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