Each letter-number of the Hebrew alphabet signifies an aspect of living forces at play in the universe; the text is intended to project these forces into our very being, thus acting as a Revelation.

Ken Roffmann, “Hebrew: the ‘projective’ language"

The original Nature’s Language website was developed to promote Ken Roffmann’s and my work based on Carlos Suares’, Cipher of Genesis: The Original Code of the Qabala as Applied to the Scriptures, and it was the study of the book that led to Ruth Miller and me co-authoring, Language of Life: Answers to Modern Crisis in an Ancient Way of Speaking.

Suares labeled the original Hebrew, Sanskrit and several other languages, many of which belong to Indigenous Peoples, and some are still spoken, as ‘living languages’. Ken and I dubbed them, ‘Nature’s Languages’.

In the matrix below, Suares shows the Ancient Hebrew as made up of twenty-seven powerfully energetic symbols, he calls letter-numbers, organized in a matrix of three rows and nine columns.

Each of the three rows, labeled Archetypal, Existential, and Cosmological, where Archetypal appears to be the implicate order out of which form emerges; Existential is our well understood observable, tangible experiences; and Cosmological is the source for creation and the Earth’s evolutionary processes. Is it possible that these three rows give great insight into three of the four Qabalistic Worlds where the fourth world, the Ein Sof, is beyond human understanding?

What was even more of a revelation for me because of my study of living systems was the possibility that each of the nine columns represents a life-process. You see, in living systems, that are just the opposite of mechanical systems, organization is fixed while structure is constantly changing. The implication of this is that Natures’ Languages may have imbedded in them all that is necessary to understand the creation and sustaining of life, as well as the gifts to which all living systems are endowed.

The symbols have been retained in that their names and shapes are today’s Hebrew alphabet of twenty-two letters plus each of five letters, called finals or sofit, that change in shape when they appear at the end of a ‘word’. Note that each of the five transform from being Existential to Cosmological, and three of the five transform to different columns thus assuming a new ‘life-process’.

For those ancient Hebrews who experienced this language of life, their alphabet was archetype, physical substance, and cosmic consciousness, spiraling out as the life-breath of God to embrace and sustain the universe.




One can only imagine the loss of meaning when we transitioned from a symbolic language in which the symbols were grouped and there was an energetic connection among them, to an alphabetic language where letters were combined to form words. A secondary loss occurred when reading the written words (often representing a single truth) replaced the oral traditions of storytelling and dialogue. The efficiencies gained from the written, alphabetic languages are undeniable, but the very long term, unintended consequences are creating enormous problems that we try to solve using alphabetically articulated solutions. The language we use plays a critical role in our perception of life, its source, and the appreciation we hold for it. As we grow to more deeply appreciate life, we get in touch with its mystery and sensual beauty. Symbolic language itself is alive as the energies of the symbols interrelate, and from this we discern the spark or essence in everything.

For a more detailed understanding of Suares’ work, please refer to the chapter, Hebrew as a Living Language, in the Language of Life book, or check out the Related Links on this site.

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